Head Soccer Hack and Cheats – Get Unlimited Free Points Generator

There are 73 different avatars in head soccer. Why settle for just a few? Get the best chance possible to get every unique avatar with our head soccer cheats.

Get free present packs and get the edge in online multiplayer. Using our head soccer mod apk, you can pick and choose which present packs you want so that you get the head ball, body, and pet you want for your character. Link the head soccer hack apk to Game center and start winning games today.

Unlock Silicon Valley instantly with head our head soccer hack apk. Use air shot, ground shot, and counter attack to defeat your enemies in the head cup. Usually Silicon Valley costs 7,200,000 points, which would takes hours, or even days, of play time to accumulate. Bypass all of that wasted time with our cheats. Simply download the head soccer hack and get Silicon Valley for free.

Other free characters included in this hack are the Philippines, Honduras, Pumpkill, Mongolia, Norway, and WaterMelbot. Lava ball, spike ball, and the D&D dream ball are all free and can be acquired instantly. The hack is simple and works on iPhone and iPad, and even on emulators.

Some of the characters in Head Soccer are too strong, but they can be beaten with cheats. India, Austria, Germany, and New Zealand are the most broken. With our Top Beater hack, you can take down even the most broken characters by slowing down their moves and speeding up your own. It works by targeting your opponents connection during the game and disrupting it specifically when the use their shots. It is 100% undetectable by mods and you will never be banned for it, our guarantee.

There are also a number of glitches for head soccer. The best head soccer cheats are the Italy glitch, which makes a random ball appear in the middle of the field (just like during the kick-off) and can throw off your opponents. You can perform this glitch only when playing Italy and countering an opponent’s power shot multiple times. The ghost ball will disappear at the end of the round.

One of the most useful head soccer cheats is the Switzerland glitch. Switzerland’s counter attack, the snowball move, can make your opponent disappear instead of you, allowing you to score goals for free. Singapore has a very similar head soccer cheat. Simply dash forward and touch the ball as you use your move.

Ukraine has a funny head soccer cheat as well, but is also very useful. If Ukraine uses her power immediately after getting knocked out, she can use her moves regularly even when she has stars around her head.

With our head soccer hacks apk, you have instant access to all the glitches available on the current patch. A number of the glitches get removed each time the game is updated, but with our head soccer cheats, you don’t have to find out which ones were removed. We do the work – just look at our head soccer hacks apk and see which glitches were removed and which ones are still there. In patch 6.0, a number of hacks were removed. A number of them still remain, so go figure out which ones are still there with our hack.

Arcade mode has a number of glitches too, some of which are incredibly useful. This glitch only works if you’re playing against Asura, so if you’re not playing against Asura, you’re forced to play the game straight. Try characters like Honduras if you’re unable to use this glitch. When you’re asked if you want to spend 50,000 points, immediately swipe on the left and right sides of the screen as if you were selecting different characters. Do this as rapidly as possible. This is by far one of the best head soccer cheats there is. With this glitch you’re able to select any champion in Arcade mode and unlock them for future use.

Head Soccer Hack Online Generator

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