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Episode Choose Your Story Hack Tools Ensure the Best Storytelling Experience

By design, Episode Choose Your Story is a mobile storytelling platform and social network incorporated into an app. The app features a number of Hollywood-caliber stories that you can view from the app’s library. As a matter of fact, there are close to 57,000 stories in the app right now and more are expected to be published in the future.

The core feature in Episode is that you can control how each story goes. As you view each episode, you will be prompted to choose from multiple outcomes in crucial moments of the story. Depending on the specific choices you make, the path that the story takes will be different – creating dozens of possibilities for each playthrough.

From dialogue options to multiple story paths and even preset animations for each character, Episode has a rather robust storytelling feature – it even allows aspiring writers to create and submit their own unique stories. Given these impressive features, it isn’t surprising at all that millions continue to play Episodes.

Well, that doesn’t mean that most players are patient enough to wait for their passes to replenish on its own. Likewise, only a few are more than willing to spend hundreds of dollars just to check out every premium dialog option. Fortunately, Episode Choose Your Story hack tools aren’t that difficult to find on the web.


You Need Episode Choose Your Story Cheats

Although the game has a rather simple concept, you can still enhance it with the right Episode Choose Your Story hack or cheat. There are cheats that allow you to skip annoying ads in-game (this is done by tapping the area where the close button usually appears – regardless of whether the button’s visible).

Some cheats let you keep certain outfits (like the vanquisher attire from The Secret Rain) by exploiting dialog oversights. You’ll have to remember however, that these cheats are limited in the things they affect – meaning the rewards they bring are probably not enough, especially if your goal is to complete all stories while trying all possible dialog options.

That partly explains why the most popular Episode Choose Your Story hack tools are for infinite resources. There are sites out there that have generators that give away Episode Choose Your Story free passes and other valuable items. With these, you don’t have to grind through multiple stories just to get to the top-rated stories and items.

Episode Choose Your Story Free Passes Online Generator

Basics on How to Get Free Gems in Episode

Using Episode Choose Your Story hack tools, particularly currency generators, is deceptively easy. Once you find a generator, you will then be asked to provide your username (or in some cases your email) and the type of mobile OS you play the game in. This is for the generator to identify who you are and where to send the items to.

You will also be required to put in the amount of gems you desire. The generator can crank up any amount provided – as long as the value is still within the game’s set limits. Some generators put the limit to 999,999 for each item which would be near-infinite regardless of how often you spend in-game.

Once you activate the generator, it will then send the required amount to your account. You would know if the process is a success if the amount is added to your current inventory. The process can take a few minutes depending on several factors (such as server load) but it should not take more than ten minutes to complete.

If you’re wondering how to get free passes in Episode, you’ll be glad to know that it isn’t that different from generating gems. In fact, the best Episode Choose Your Story hack tools allow both passes and gems to be gained simultaneously. Much like games, passes also have a 999,999 value limit – and yes, you can generate the maximum amount for both in-game currencies at the same time.

By the way, you’ll have to keep in mind that most legitimate Episode Choose Your Story hack tools require a validation process. What does that mean? Well, those who develop in-game currency generators simply want to prevent their servers from being overloaded by bots. Remember, the greater the server load is, the slower the currency generation will be.

Here’s something that many end up asking upon seeing a typical verification process – why are these Episode Choose Your Story hack tool developers using surveys? Given that those who use bots couldn’t be bothered with verification procedure, surely they don’t have the time and patience to improve the scripts their bots use. In short, bots that are capable of completing surveys are rare.

Is there an Episode Hack without human verification? Well, yes. Truth be told though, most tools that don’t require human verification don’t work – their only purpose is to gather information from those who just can’t wait to proceed with their chosen stories. In other words, these people will most likely end up getting spam instead of gems and passes.


Episode Choose Your Story Hack Concerns

Is using an Episode Choose Your Story Hack legal? The answer is no. If the developers wanted them, they would have added them to the game’s code in the first place. Would you be penalized for using an Episode Hack for Android & iOS? It’s unlikely. The code for generated items are the same as the ones you get from legitimately playing the game, so the chances of you being banned for using hacks are low.

As for the concern of safety, you have to understand that generators are web-based, which means that you don’t have to download anything to use an Episode Choose Your Story hack. Simply put, you should be safe from a virus attack if you use these generators. If, however, you choose to get a downloadable hack tool, at least test it first on a spare device.

Lastly, are these generators free? Absolutely! A cheat generator should not cost you a single penny whether on a monthly basis or every time you access the site. Basically, you can use the best Episode Choose Your Story hack tools as much as you want without having to fork out money. With this, you can focus on creating unique story paths without having to worry about dealing with massive paywalls.

Enhancing your game experience in Episode Choose Your Story is easy, uncomplicated, and quick. If you can’t wait to get your hands on Episode Choose Your Story free passes and cheats, you can just click the Hack button below.

Episode Choose Your Story Hack Online Generator

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